Chaos Emeralds where they came from and where they are

Emerald 1 the red one: :D the red emerald is on kens back underneath the swords bows and sticks and long bushy ponytail there is a string/rope that goes around the back of his waist with a red sol and Chaos Emerald allows the wearer to raise the moon

Emerald 2 the purple one: :D Crystela wears kens ninja outfit with a grey skirt A ninja mask and black high heels. 2 words. Magic Amulet. She wears a Golden amulet going down to her stomach with a purple Chaos Emerald in the middle.allows the wearer to talk to animals such as dragons

Emerald 3 the yellow one: :D Pheobus Bob hacker is a yellow golden lion who took the Golden Opportunity to keep the yellow Chaos Emerald under his scarf. What?! Yes. Hacker keeps his Chaos Emerald under his scarf a little weird but his scarf underneath has pockets ginger  made it but restiched it so that the fluffy bit is on the OUTside and the pockets are on the INside. Allows the wearer to lower the sun

Emerald 4 the blue one: :D Once again we talk about Drake now here's the jig. This emerald is inside his coat.allows the wearer to control the storms

Emerald 5 the pink one: :D same thing with ginger the emerald is inside his coat . Allows the wearer to bring the stars out at night

Emerald 6 the green one: :D Crystal keeps it in her back pocket of her shorts. Allows the wearer to become the ultimate. Life. Form.

Emerald 7 the ????? One: :? Nirn (no information right now) Allows the wearer to ?