Ice Flow02:23

Ice Flow

Crystelas third theme song

Crystela Crimsonmellena Quintupella

Crystela Quintupella

Crystela Crimsonmellena Quintupella2

Crystela Quintupella

Crystela Crimsonmellena Quintupela (Say Kris tella crimson malena kwintu pella) is a cat who looks like Blaze and has no hair on the side of her head she's more of a lavender colour and has darker bits on the side of her face she wears a white and blue striped crop top and purple leggings she is really nice. In silver x she sung her theme song about Lucy the stupid squid (freaking bully at school) as she sung `You had to have it all well have you had enough you greedy little B****rd you you will get what you deserve when all is said and done I WILL BE THE ONE to leave you in your misery and hate what you've become` Had enough by brea
Crystela Crimsonmellena Quintupella3

Crystela Crimsonmellana Quintupella

king Benjamin  

Crystela had been known throughout the land for Training Dragons such as Terra the Forest Dragon Glow the Griffin from Dragon Story And Ora the earth Dragon/Dinosaur she also trains ninjas and Keeps a breeding guide close to her breasts and boom wears the same ninja outfit that Ken wears she hides the breeding guide close to her breasts because that's the last place Max would look. The AVSCI is proud to have this tiger on their team. Anti Villan team

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