recently we got complaints saying ken is not happy he is killing the people that defy him we found a dying Wolfdragon a very VERY rare species of wolf lying in the field her we thought she had been confected with some sort of poison we were dead wrong with one last dying breath her last words were " I tried to stop him he wouldn't stop he killed me stay away from from FROM..... him" after we left we got some footage of the wolfdragon known as "Crystal" she got up she seemed to be With a 20 year old Lynx with a pirate hook on called Ginger she preferred as dad and a lion who looked to be around 32 with a red pirate coat similar to Ginger's Crystal said "good job with the ketchup "Hacker"" and then came up a cyan cat with a blue hoodie on and light-bluey-grey pants and blue-cyan-turquoise shoes his true identity still a mystery and unrevealed then jumped down the guy we all know that half-hearted low-life liver-bellied rotten scum we hate the most dangerous criminal throughout all of fantasia sonicville and equestria a sonovasorryexcuseforsharkbaitweevils (Son of a sorry excuse for shark bait weevil)

that purple fox with cyan eyes and a scar going right through his eye red scar in the shape of a star on his cheek darker purple three spine fringe with a ponytail going rightdown his back SUPER complicated gloves and a black short top short enough to see his stomach grey belt short black leggings were they live (ends of leggings stop) you see his grey boots "born with one red ear" said to be 13 to 18 years old (Crystal is 13 to 17) I cant describe the patterns on each and EVERY tail in the group "High 5 Ken!" shouted Crystal I think by the appearance they might be pirates and ninjas no more or less BOY was I wrong Ken saw us coming. Ken pulled out a pickaxe as fast as lightning as he dug quicker than supersonic he sung " I came to win to fight to conquer to thrive I came to swim to survive to prosper to die to mine" he held the last note for four seconds and they were gone they just vanished that's it

the closest you will ever get to seeing team starlight

Some said and still do that Ken was raised and trained by Crystela Crimsonmellena Quintupela (Say Kris tella crimson melena kwin tupela) this ticat was known as followed by  43 million she trained his ninja skill and discovered his mining skills (say Tiy cat)
Crystela Crimsonmellena Quintupella2

Crystela Quintupella


ken the fox


Crystal the wolfdragon

Ginger the pirate lynx

him when he first found ken and crystal together

Hacker the lion

hacker sleeping


drake was sat when silver first found him