Songs made by the characters on this wikia: in order

Unfamiliar Strife By Crystela Crimsonmellana Quintupella: My name is Crystela from a far away land, and I met a-nother man, his name was Silverm and he asked my hand in maa-arigge,,, we never had but he sure did diae, fell into lava and he quickly fried, Ora shed a tear and he cried like a baby, this is the story of my liiiiiiife fulfilled with an Unfamiliar Striiiiiiife, this is the story of my life with an Unfamiliar Strife an Unfamiliar Striiiiiiife Silverm why diid you have to die? Us tigers have 9 lives an Unfamiliar Striiiiiiife Unfamiliar Strife aaa Unfamiliar Strife aaa Unfamiliar Striiiiiiife aaa Unfamiliar Strife aaa  THESE SONGS ARE IN BETa

My love is not worth your trouble by Ken molten (Fire): when I was young I used to roam through the wooooods I'll never forget this lonely childhood you never loved me you just lied to I wanna beat you down like a lumberjack and a tree my love is not worth your trouble that guy just got in the way my love is not worth your trouble and now he's gonna paaay you were stolen from mee I miss you so badly my love is not worth your trouble your too good for me

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