Ken the fox is the first character I can show he is a miner a ninja a pirate and part of team starlight he made the name but ginger runs the team

ken when he entered sonicville in fantasia

he is the antihero who is always ready no matter what

ken in his battle with his sister blaze

Drake is next unlike ginger and hacker he is not against the world


he wants to find his family with his brother ken and sister blaze that's why he joined team squid and team starlight

drake causing a storm trying to hide from silver

Ginger is the mean One who wants To take over the world he looks suckish with his powers of stars but he is very powerful and Scottish
Ginger the pirate lynx

him when he first found ken and crystal together

Crystal is the most powerful in da group she doesn't follow rules and she calls hacker a teachers pet because he is the most loyal

crystal calling ken

hacker is the lazy one and drake is not comftorble with a sun type being on the team
Hacker the lion

hacker sleeping

There is another girl in da group with mysterious powers nobody can explain what these powers are but yazimine has two chaos emeralds of the same colour on the ends of her Ken-the-monkey-like staff not only that but she is a monkey. (she was made for a friend I know called yazimine Andersons)

Yazimine was first found battling and beating ken (monkey)

.team energy is by far the most dangerous team! pearl is the daughter of keira the wolf we don't know who the father is but she has hunch it may be Liam the dingo (but that would make her single love interest her uncle) she is half dragon half wolf, WHY?!and has the water power lightning power fire power the power of purification and the power of friendship. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. BETA!

pearl when she was no longer bens friend.


G4.5 Crystal